Know Origin And History Of Travelling

Keeping ourselves busy in this hectic world is what makes us realize for the need of having some free time where we can spend time in our own way and not by any bounded rules and regulations. Travelling can be a good solution to this problem. A lot of people out of their passion travel across the world. If we go for the definition of travelling it means nothing but movement from one location to another through means of foot or by any mode of transport with or without luggage involving one way or round trip

Origin and History:

The term travel had its origin from the old French word ‘travail ‘meaning work. If we trace its origin in another language i.e. Middle English it had its origin from the Word ‘travailen’ meaning journey. In earlier times wealthy and aristocrats people of the Roman and Greek society used to travel for leisure to visit their summer homes or for other trade related works. This is how travelling took its place along with the development of the transportation system.


Every action has a reason behind it which compels us to do the thing. In a similar way travelling also has motivational purposes behind it.

Motives behind travelling include:

  • Relieving from stress
  • As a medium of getting pleasure
  • For interacting with new people
  • To explore different culture
  • Gathering memories
  • Adventure
  • Building interpersonal relationship
  • Development of communication skills.

Forms of Travelling:


Travelling has many forms of it. When it takes the form of spending time at new place then it is a holiday; when it takes the form of any business related causes it’s a business trip; when it involves research and examine method it is research travel. It can be recreational/ migration /pilgrimages/ charity etc.

Types of Travelling:

Based on the geographical location of our Earth travelling can be :

  • Regional : Restricted to only locality or local areas
  • Local : Places of different zone within Same local area
  • National(Domestic) : Within one’s own nation
  • International : When it comes about other nations

Based on the number of people involved travelling can be also a SOLO TRAVEL (involving a trip of only one person). Or a GROUP TRAVEL (involving a group of people, friends or family members or co-workers).


Travelling can be entertaining and also eye opening but one should not forget about travel security and safety.