What Supplements Can Aid You When You Workout?

What Supplements Can Aid You When You Workout?

For optimal health, everyone knows that eating properly and taking part in regular exercise is important. Both of these things on their own are good for your body, but it is even possible to optimize your work-out routine by adding important supplements to your diet. These different supplements can help your body take advantage of the workout, as well as aid in repairing it after it has been fatigued by the exercise. There are many supplements in the marketplace, but these five in particular are especially beneficial.


Protein is such an important element for optimizing your work-out. It is so important to make sure you get protein after a workout because of the branched-chain amino acids. These are instrumental in building muscle and when muscles get fatigued during a heavy work-out, the protein is helpful in building those muscles. It can also aid in preventing possible injuries.


If you want to build muscle, you have to be patient since this can be quite a slow process. The more reps you can do, then the more muscle that you build. The natural supplement creatine, plays a role in this process. It can give you a little more energy to help you do just a little more. In being able to do this, you can increase your muscle mass, and as a result, build up your strength so you get stronger during your workouts.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a supplement that many people are becoming more deficient in. This is because it is a vitamin that enters the body when they are out in the sunlight, and it is also found in dairy products. People are deficient because so many of us spend so much time indoors working. For those that work out, Vitamin D should be taking on a daily basis since it is vital for a body to stay healthy. In taking it, athletes can help prevent certain medical conditions that might afflict them in the future.


Caffeine has become such a huge ingredient in our daily lives. Like exercise, it is able to make the metabolism go faster, and by doing this, you are able to burn a greater amount of fat. When working out, caffeine can actually help your body burn even more fat. Since it comes in so many forms, it is easy to take. It will have the greatest benefit to your workout if you take in the caffeine before you start your workout.

Fish Oil

Fish oil can be such a great supplement to keep a person healthy. Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids. This component can reduce the risk of a person developing heart disease. On top of that, it also increases both the fat burning process of the body as well as the cognitive functioning. It is a great supplement to take if a person is wanting to increase endurance.

For anyone working out, any advantages that they can give themselves can make a huge difference to the end result. Taking a supplement that is known to increase strength, endurance or overall health is easy to do. The supplements named are also easily found at many locations so anyone can take advantage of their benefits.

Choline: The essential nutrient you might not know about

Overview/benefits of Citicoline (CDP choline)

Many individuals today look for ways how they can get to the optimum functions of their brain. For most individuals, it is important to focus on different things to help improve their memory and their overall cognitive ability. One of the most important nootropics in the market today is CDP-Choline or citicoline.

What it does is convert into cytidine and into choline once it gets to your system. Cytidine will then covert further into uridine. What this supplement is used for include treating patients suffering from memory impairments especially those caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related neurodegenerative disorders.

It is believed that both cytidine and choline offer neuroprotective properties and can even enhance the brain’s learning ability. To understand the benefits that you can get from this supplement, here are some popular benefits of CDP choline.

Choline can help improve liver health

One of the things that make choline a good supplement is the fact that it is needed in order to make Phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is responsible for breaking down lipids found in your liver. This only means that without enough choline, there is a chance of accumulating fats in your liver.

Choline can help decrease inflammation

Choline has been seen by experts as a great supplement that can act as an anti-inflammatory substance. It tends to help improve conditions such as asthma.

Build myelin and increase myelination

Choline plays an important role in forming myelin. Myelin has been known to help improve intelligence and IQ of individuals. In addition to this, enhanced myelin regeneration can help address motor coordination problems.

It isn’t also surprising that CDP-choline has helped individuals who suffered from traumatic injuries that affected their nervous system.

Improvement in cognitive performance

Another reason to take CPD choline is the fact that acetylcholine plays an important role in the nervous system. This is needed in order to transmit information within the body. In fact, many conditions that involve cognitive decline exhibit low acetylcholine.

Increase athletic performance

And not only is CDP choline applicable to help your brain function better, it has also been discovered that CDP choline can help enhance the performance of athletes. It has been discovered that athletes with low levels of acetylcholine have increased the risk of suffering from injuries.

Possible weight loss benefits

And also, it has been discovered that there is a possibility that it can also be used as a weight loss supplement. There were studies pointing towards the ability of CDP choline to reduce cravings.

There are studies that suggest that as much as 90% of Americans are actually experiencing choline deficiency. This only means that you CDP-choline is an important supplement that you should take seriously. Whether your goal is to increase your cognitive level or to improve your weight, this supplement can definitely come in handy in different scenarios.

The good thing about CDP-choline is that it can be taken by individuals who suffered from a stroke and those who are suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. It is also possible that CDP choline can help healthy individuals optimize their functions.



Products We Love this New Year

2017 is close at hand and with that comes a look at what is to come in the future. Of course, there were plenty of great things and products that came from 2016 and not much will change just because of the year difference. However, there are plenty of things on the horizon that are very appealing to us and hopefully can be helpful for you as well.

While some of these are not new, the trends are new and can make a big difference. As you’ll see, there are a lot of ways that you can utilize this information to your advantage.

#1. CBD Oil – even though the US government has made this a scheduled substance, many states are not abiding by the rules and it might get overturned anyway. The reality is, CBD oil is one of the best types of products that can help with improving brain health and overall anxiety levels. Many people use it as an immune boost and for killing cancer as well. This is one of the highlights of the 2017 year.

#2. Fat burners – in general, fat burning products have been popular but with more information available than ever, it is possible to learn which fat burning supplements actually work and which are snake oil. You can learn more here: https://melanotanza.co.za/products/shape-platinum As you can tell from this kind of information, there are a lot of different options and many of them are getting easier to ascertain their true validity.

#3. Psychedelics – the past few years have showed a big increase in the studies and other research being done in the field of psychedelics. This is specifically done for people who have treatment resistant depression and it is being spearheaded by people like Tim Ferriss. These kinds of options play a big role in how people function.

Of course, since the 1970s these have been illegal to use all over the world, but it seems that the trends are starting to turn the other way. Finally the government and other organizations are realizing that these drugs are not inherently bad, but they are actually quite useful in some circumstances.

Losing Weight and Performing in 2017

Most people will not change their habits too much when it comes to their 2017 routine, but it is possible for you to still get on the latest trends so that you can have a better idea of how to approach things when moving forward.

How to Party Hard On the Road (without the Side Effects)

A lot of people like to travel and enjoy themselves while on holiday. This can come in a number of different ways depending on personal preference, financial success, and location, but many people enjoy drinking more alcohol, eating worse food, and generally treating their body less well. This is especially true when people visit certain cities around the world that are known for this kind of behavior, such as Las Vegas, Dubai, and even cities like Bangkok.

This article is going to help you to better understand how you can party hard and enjoy yourself without all of the side effects that come with treating your body in this way.

Detox and Antioxidants

The most important thing when you go on a holiday is to make sure you have detoxification tools at your disposal. Some people like to use relatively basic tools, but you can look into something called cordyceps mushroom extract if you really want to improve your stress response, avoid immune issues, and also help with your stress levels. All of these things will be through the roof when you are partying!

Even though a holiday full of alcohol and bad food might seem joyful and free from stress, your body doesn’t take it that way. In fact, many times your body is going to react very poorly to this type of activity and you’ll need other detoxifying options:

  • CoQ10 – this is a great option for improving your overall health and detoxifying. It is a substance that can help with mitochondrial health so you can enjoy yourself and still have the energy through the CoQ10 detox option.
  • Green Tea Extract – another great antioxidant, this is going to help you to get rid of many of the problems that are associated with heavy toxins and at the same time improve your long-term health as well.

These two options will serve you well no matter where you go. There have been many fun stories about crazy Dubai holiday parties, but the reality is, if you have the right supplements in place you can enjoy all of these without any kind of problems. At the end of the day, this is main thing to keep in mind so you do not have long-term health problems and come back more exhausted than when you left!