Friday, December 3

Are There Study Shortcuts? A Guide to Memory Enhancers

Students who are cramming for a test are often looking for ways to increase their memory formation and learning ability. Even though a quick cup of coffee or even Adderall pill can make a difference in their ability to focus, that doesn’t mean they are going to be able to remember all the facts and figures that they need to when studying on their own. One of the main things that people find when they are utilizing a focus on their memory formation is that it is harder than it looks!

Besides eating a lot of eggs, memory formation is one of the harder things that you can manipulate. Many people don’t realize that they can actually have a much better experience if they are focused on nootropics and smart drugs instead.

Nootropics for Memory Improvements

The best way that you can improve your memory formation is with the drugs that are called racetams. They are very old and developed in the 1960s and 70s to help with memory decline in elderly patients. Even though they are a drug that is not really used all that much anymore, you can utilize the option as a way of improving your cognitive potential and enhancing your memory formation. The vast majority of people who are enhancing their cognitive ability through this mechanism find they have the best results.

Aniracetam – this is a nootropic that was first in the family. You can learn more about aniracetam here. This is a drug that can help you to reduce anxiety as well as improve your concentration and memory formation. It is a catch-all fixing drug!

CDP Choline – another great option (which you can pair with aniracetam) is called CDP choline. This is a choline source that has a lot of benefits for memory formation and particularly with citicoline and acetylcholine levels. This provides the best kind of results.