Friday, December 3

Choline: The essential nutrient you might not know about

Overview/benefits of Citicoline (CDP choline)

Many individuals today look for ways how they can get to the optimum functions of their brain. For most individuals, it is important to focus on different things to help improve their memory and their overall cognitive ability. One of the most important nootropics in the market today is CDP-Choline or citicoline.

What it does is convert into cytidine and into choline once it gets to your system. Cytidine will then covert further into uridine. What this supplement is used for include treating patients suffering from memory impairments especially those caused by Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related neurodegenerative disorders.

It is believed that both cytidine and choline offer neuroprotective properties and can even enhance the brain’s learning ability. To understand the benefits that you can get from this supplement, here are some popular benefits of CDP choline.

Choline can help improve liver health

One of the things that make choline a good supplement is the fact that it is needed in order to make Phosphatidylcholine. Phosphatidylcholine is responsible for breaking down lipids found in your liver. This only means that without enough choline, there is a chance of accumulating fats in your liver.

Choline can help decrease inflammation

Choline has been seen by experts as a great supplement that can act as an anti-inflammatory substance. It tends to help improve conditions such as asthma.

Build myelin and increase myelination

Choline plays an important role in forming myelin. Myelin has been known to help improve intelligence and IQ of individuals. In addition to this, enhanced myelin regeneration can help address motor coordination problems.

It isn’t also surprising that CDP-choline has helped individuals who suffered from traumatic injuries that affected their nervous system.

Improvement in cognitive performance

Another reason to take CPD choline is the fact that acetylcholine plays an important role in the nervous system. This is needed in order to transmit information within the body. In fact, many conditions that involve cognitive decline exhibit low acetylcholine.

Increase athletic performance

And not only is CDP choline applicable to help your brain function better, it has also been discovered that CDP choline can help enhance the performance of athletes. It has been discovered that athletes with low levels of acetylcholine have increased the risk of suffering from injuries.

Possible weight loss benefits

And also, it has been discovered that there is a possibility that it can also be used as a weight loss supplement. There were studies pointing towards the ability of CDP choline to reduce cravings.

There are studies that suggest that as much as 90% of Americans are actually experiencing choline deficiency. This only means that you CDP-choline is an important supplement that you should take seriously. Whether your goal is to increase your cognitive level or to improve your weight, this supplement can definitely come in handy in different scenarios.

The good thing about CDP-choline is that it can be taken by individuals who suffered from a stroke and those who are suffering from neurodegenerative disorders. It is also possible that CDP choline can help healthy individuals optimize their functions.